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Redirection of glutathione- and cysteine-reactive free radicals by ascorbate, glutathione, and urate. Ascorbate (AsA) and glutathione (GSH) are the major biological antioxidants that are essential for maintenance of the intracellular thiol pool. When administered exogenously, these antioxidants are also effective in eliminating glutathione- and cysteine-reactive free radicals in vivo. Since these agents are oxidized by redox cycling reactions, we examined their ability to inhibit radicals produced by xanthine oxidase or by the Fenton reaction. We also studied the role of uric acid, which is the major end product of purine metabolism. The ability of AsA to scavenge free radicals produced by xanthine oxidase was consistent with that reported in the literature. In contrast, GSH was a potent free radical scavenger in both enzymatic and Fenton reactions. The free radical scavenging effects of AsA and GSH were competitive and were diminished by prior oxidation of the antioxidants by H2O2. The ability of AsA, GSH, and urate to inhibit Fenton-generated radicals was not diminished when the antioxidant was oxidized by H2O2. However, GSH was unable to scavenge the H2O2-derived free radicals. On the other hand, AsA and urate both scavenged the thiyl radical formed by the reaction between H2O2 and deoxyribose, which is a product of carbohydrate metabolism. Our results demonstrate that GSH is a potent antioxidant in the presence of xanthine oxidase and the Fenton reaction, and that AsA, GSH, and urate are effective free radical scavengers under conditions which favor the production of H2O2-derived radicals.The present invention relates to a method of cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments by contacting them with a non-aqueous fluid which contains a cleaning and/or sterilizing substance. A variety of substances are known for cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting dental instruments. In one group of such substances, which is becoming increasingly important in recent years, is the group of peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide, or peroxy acids. Such compounds have several advantages



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FKK Mit Jenny Und Lore Am Strandmkv28 [2022-Latest]

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